Broadway musical (The), vol.2

Auteur(s) Garland, Judy (Musicien) ;Morgan, Helen ;Durante, Jimmy ;Sinatra, Frank ;Dorsey, Tommy ;Astaire, Fred ;Powell, Eleanor
Titre(s) Broadway musical (The), vol.2 : 1930-1938 : [anthologie de la comédie musicale américaine].
Editeur(s) IMP, 1997.
Contient Girl crazy : But not for me. - Three's a crowd : Body and soul. - The New Yorkers : Hot patata. - The Band wagon : Hoops. - George White's scandals 11ed : That's why darkies were born. - The Cat and the fiddle :I watch the love parade, Try to forget, Onemoment alone. - Music in the air : The Song is you. - Face the music : Face the music medley. - Gay divorce : Night & day. - As thousands cheer : Easter parade. - Roberta : Smoke gets in youreyes. - Life begins at 8:40 : You're a builder-upper. - Anything goes : You're the top. - Jubilee : Begin the beguine. - At home abroad : Got a bran' new suit. - Porgy & Bess : Bess, you is my woman now. - red, hot and blue : Down inthe depths. - Babes in arms : Johnny one note. - Pins and needles : Chain store daisy. - The Cradle will rock : The Cradle will rock. - Knickerbocker holiday : September son. - Leave it to me : My heart belongs to daddy.
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